You Got Options Adventure Series

You Got Options Adventure Series focuses on using sound financial principles to live empowered lives. Each series follows the adventures of a young adult who transforms their passions and hobbies into successful businesses.

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Melissa Means Business

Melissa has great talent and a passion for being a stylist. Melissa transforms her passion into the beginning steps of a long-term successful business.

Melissa is on the Move!

Melissa began a small business by doing her friends' hair. Now she has turned her passion for being a stylist into an apprentice position at a salon. 

Melissa Gains Momentum

 Melissa is headed to cosmetology school to open up more options for her growing business. Melissa thinks through her future and makes a plan to manage school and working.

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Michael's Making Moves

Michael is a young man who really loves working in the yard. This second installment of  Michael transforms his love for lawncare into a successful business.

Michael's Moving Along

Michael continues to grow his lawncare business. Michael purchases new equipment and discusses new markets with his dad and mentor. 

Michael's Maximizing His Skills

Michael's early passion for machines and working outdoors has led him to a career in lawn care. Michael wants to build his business even more by looking to apply sound financial strategies to manage his successful business. 

Brandon's Cuts Begins

Brandon's artistic talent has been evident from an early age. With the support of his Uncle Cedric, his talent has been transformed into a business skill. 

Brandon Builds His Business
Brandon Begins Business School

 Brandon is headed to vocational school to acquire his barber's license. Brandon is looking to apply sound financial strategies to manage his successful business. 

Brandon has learned to transfer his artistic talent to his chosen skilled occupation of a barber. Brandon has been growing his business for a few years and is looking to grow even further by enrolling in business school. 

Tiffany Nails It!

Tiffany developed a love for color and design at a very early age. This passion led her to start her own nail care service. .

Tiffany's Business is Pressing On

 Tiffany is building her contacts, resources, and skill set so one day she will be ready to make her ultimate dream come true, owning her own nail salon. 

Bobby's Baking Goods

Bobby is a young man with a great talent and passion for baking desserts. This first installment of You’ve Got Options - Baker shows how Bobby begins a home baking business. 

Suzanne Seeks Success

Suzanne is a big sister who first develops into a great babysitter for her twin siblings, and then decides to use this skill to start a home business. 

Suzanne Sets up Sitters

. Read this second Suzanne success story to see how Suzanne works with her friends to expand her business.

Tommy's Taking Control

Tommy is a young man with a great talent and passion for being a photographer. Tommy begins a home photography business. 


Tommy Stays Camera Ready!

. Over the years, Tommy turned his passion into a small business. Now it is time to see how Tommy moves his business forward in this second chapter.

You Got Options is a business-skill building board game for 2 to 6 players. Play consists of moving around the gameboard to simulate growing a small business.  The object of the game is to collect the most money and reach the highest game level by a combination of good choices made throughout the game play. Higher scores can be achieved by accessing the higher levels of game play that become available after capturing specific cards during the activity.

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You Got Options! interdisciplinary workbooks were created to support the titles. They have also been designed to function as stand-alone workbooks as well. They may be completed with or without having read the books. They feature spelling, vocabulary, reading, writing and math activities to support student learning. 

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Our team is made of two lifelong teaching couples currently teaching abroad. Our home base is Atlanta, Georgia. We believe our stories could literally help others change thier lives.

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