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The YGO Experience Kicks off in the UAE

We like to say at YGO, we are more than just a book series; we are an experience. The You Got Options Experience is our way of connecting with the world in a deeper, richer relationship that can only be accomplished by human interaction. We brought that experience to Al Ain, United Arab Emirates on March 8, 2019. We set up stations that allowed parents and kids alike to learn more about us and our products. Some of the activities included

· Kids Station (coloring, activity book pages, crafts)

· Social Media Hub (taking pics with our social media posters)

· Art Gallery (we featured our beautiful illustrations as displays of art)

· Poster Signing (the authors weren’t the only ones signing, our guests signed congratulatory posters for the authors)

· Giveaways (raffles, thank you gifts)

· Refreshments (we brought people together, we had to feed them)

· Author Sharing (heard from the authors)

· Book Signing (autographed books with our authors)

We would like to thank the UAE for all the support you showed us during the experience. The turnout was fantastic.

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